Gamez Etc is a non-profit company based in Denver, Colorado currently financed by monetary donations and community volunteers. Conceptualized in mid-2004 by Colorado native and United States Army veteran Sean Kremp while he was deployed to Camp Anaconda near Balad, Iraq, the initial idea behind the company was two-fold. First, it was to revolutionize the gaming and hobby industry (including the media typically associated with it such as artwork, comics, movies, novels, television, video games, etc...) to a point where it becomes more accepted by the general average populace who may then discover games or hobbies they find intriguing themselves. Second, it was to streamline the many sources already available elsewhere into a primary location, while also adding more user content, thus simplifying the search for resources that many newcoming and veteran gamers or hobbyists had been asking for. The true vision of Gamez Etc is found in their company motto:

"Our mission is to serve the gaming and hobby community through additional value-added content on our websites, at our physical locations, through local, regional, national and international conventions and events, as well as encouraging the growth of these communities by giving back and strengthening the ties within them."

Much of the first few years were focused on developing this value-added content. Sean consulted with many friends and acquaintances he met throughout his years on services and content they would like to see included at game centers and online. He actively attended events at various retailers throughout the Pacific Northwest and Colorado's Front Range asking fellow gamers or hobbyists which services they wished more retailers provided, or what content they would like to see on thier favorite websites. By late 2009 Sean had formulated a plan of action and revamped his original business plan to fulfill Gamez Etc's mission statment of putting the consumer first.

Development of Original Web SeriesEdit

In 2010, Gamez Etc started pre-production of it's number one request: a set of web series covering all things gaming. 12 initial series are slated for production starting in January 2011. Show specifics as well as series premieres will be released in coming months, but content slated for production include advice on building armies, decks, player characters, and campaigns; new releases & product reviews; gaming news and upcoming events; tutorials on prepping, assembling, painting, and finishing models and terrain; tips, tactics, and strategies for popular games; viewer comments and letters, interviews, and frequently asked questions; and round table discussions on announced releases and rumors. Each series is tentatively set to run for approximately 10-15 minutes and consist of about 40-45 episodes per year. Other series will be created to fill in the requested gaps sought out by viewers as demand increases.

Additional Website Content & Donation/Contact InformationEdit

In addition to the webisodes, immediate short-term features of the site's relaunch under a new domain will include articles, forums, and original blooks (web novels) with chapters released each month. Future mid-term features will include a webstore, painting services, and contests. Also, long-term features still in the developement or intellectual rights processes are free social media profiles, as well as premium memberships which are rumored to include discounts on painting services, in the webstore and at any future retail locations, free products, VIP passes to special events, and member "channels" where they can post thier own blogs, vlogs, and polls for the entire community to see.

If you are interested in making donations or volunteering in the developement of Gamez Etc, please use the contact methods listed below and someone will respond as quickly as possible.


Telephone: 1-303-257-3653 (MST)


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